The Healthy Way to Brush Teeth
Brush Your Teeth With The Newest Innovation in Oral Care
  • Cleans teeth and removes plaque 250% better
  • Recommended by dentists
  • No harmful detergents or abrasives
  • Effective ingredients & a powerful antioxidant
  • Results in as soon as 14 days!
Why brush with LIVFRESH?
LIVFRESH is a breakthrough in oral care because it works at the molecular level. Its patented formulation dissolves plaque, and repels bacteria from the tooth surface. LIVFRESH also prevents bacteria from reattaching to the teeth. This combination provides a level of teeth cleanliness that will astound you.

Livionex Toothpaste
LIVFRESH was developed in close collaboration with two major U.S. universities. Double blind academic studies show that LIVFRESH cleans teeth and removes plaque 250% better.

It is no wonder that our dental gel has been called a major oral care breakthrough.
Livionex Toothpaste Livionex Toothpaste

Every patient using this dental gel has had a "miraculous" turn around in oral health. Hands down a winner.

Dr. Michael Conrad, DDS

LIVFRESH is a game changer in helping patients control plaque. My teeth feel cleaner after brushing.

Dr. George Walker, DDS
Livionex Toothpaste

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