Brush Your Teeth With The Newest Innovation in Oral Care.

  • 250% better at cleaning teeth and removing plaque
  • Most effective ingredients & a powerful antioxidant
  • Recommended by dentists
  • No harmful detergents or abrasives
  • Results in as soon as 14 days!
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Why brush with our dental gel?

Our dental gel is a breakthrou​g​​h in oral care-- its patented formulation removes plaque and prevents sticky plaque from forming on your tooth surface. It also prevents​ ​plaque​ from reattaching to the teeth. In fact, double-blind academic studies confirm that our dental gel removes plaque 250% better. It leaves your teeth much cleaner than brushing traditionally.



Over 650 5‑Star Reviews
  • Our products contain the same formula & amount of dental gel. Each product lasts ~ 4 to 6 weeks.

Dentists Recommend Our Dental Gel

Every patient using this dental gel has had a "miraculous" turn around in oral health. Hands down a winner.

Dr. Michael Conrad, DDS

Livionex is a game changer in helping patients control plaque. My teeth feel cleaner after brushing.

Dr. George Walker, DDS