Each patient who has used this product has had a "miraculous" turn around in their oral health. I have purchased quite a few dental technologies in my career. The best product so far has been the Cerec system. But this product, Livionex, ranks right up there with it as the best material I have ever purchased for my patients. Hands down a winner! My perio patients return to a normal pink firm gingiva in just a few weeks. They ask me for more Livionex because they can see and feel a difference in their gums. One patient even commented that his Sonicare toothbrush stays cleaner using the gel, and he noticed that the annoying "sludge" buildup around the attachment of the brush head had stopped forming. It has truly worked flawlessly for my patients and my practice, and I do not hesitate to recommend it highly. 

Dr. Michael Conrad, DDS, Wescosville, PA

I first saw an advertisement for Livionex Dental Gel about 1 year ago. I was curious about the claims that it was far more effective at reducing oral bacterial plaque than conventional toothpastes. I went to the website to learn more. The research was impressive and the testimonials by periodontists caught my attention. Periodontists are very well versed in the research literature, and there were claims of significant improvement in periodontal health even before conventional periodontal therapy was started. I have been a skeptic for years of claims made by toothpaste companies, but I ordered some to try out on myself and my staff. Because of the high cost of the toothpaste I thought it would have to be impressive to justify the expense.

I think I am a good cleaner myself, but I noticed an improvement in the health of my periodontal tissues within a week or two. I was in process of having two crowns made by my son who is a general dentist. When I went back to get the permanent crowns cemented he immediately asked what I was doing differently. He said my mouth was not as dry, and the gums looked healthier. Several months later when I went for my regular dental hygiene appointment, the hygienist also noticed a difference right away. The only thing I had changed was the toothpaste. I was not brushing more frequently and had not changed my cleaning techniques.

It did take several days to adjust to the Livionex Dental Gel. I like that there is very little flavoring and that it doesn't foam up. It takes much less toothpaste to clean effectively, and I had to remind myself not to moisten the toothbrush after applying Livionex. My teeth do feel cleaner after brushing, and brushing doesn't dry my mouth like before.

I gave Livionex to my wife to try, and I noticed she rarely has any mouth odor now. I have been giving Livionex to all my patients when they get their braces on and it seems more effective than regular toothpaste in helping them control plaque around their braces. I almost always see improvement in patient hygiene when they use it.

I had a patient with significant gingival hypertrophy that I planned to send to a periodontist for a gingivectomy. After 2 months with the Livionex I found myself questioning why I was planning on the referral because the health of the gums was so much improved. That had never happened to me before.

I do not have a financial interest in the product, but I enjoy telling general dentists about it and giving them a sample tube to try. It really is a game changer in helping patients control plaque.

Dr. George Walker, DDS, Freeport, IL

In 30 years plus of private practice, this breakthrough in the biochemistry of plaque control tops the list. I have seen many cases of bleeding gingivitis go away within a week. I once had a wife call me up after she and her husband had been on Livionex for 3 weeks and tell that this was the first time in their married life he has not had bad breath. This product has a bright future for all our patients. 

Dr. Doug Ralston, DDS, Milpitas, CA

It's the plaque! You know it's the plaque, because there seems to be plaque everywhere each time they come into the office; and they always say they have been brushing. Those were the kind of patients I started using Livionex on and Livionex is different, it works! Even for those patients that have always shown up with plaque, for years. Now, when I see plaque, I think Livionex. 

Peter L. Jacobsen, DDS, PhD, San Francisco, CA

This gel is something to note. As a microbiologist and periodontist who has studied periodontal disease, both the bacteria involved and our inflammatory response to them, I can say that this gel is an amazing advancement in our control of plaque biofilm and inflammation. In addition there are no soaps to penetrate the epithelium, no grit to contribute to gum recession. 

I have patients in which the use of the Livionex Gel alone prior to periodontal treatment has resulted in a diminution of inflammation even though scaling and root planing or even extraction of hopeless teeth have not yet occurred. Everyone should consider using this gel. 

Dr. Randal W. Rowland, MS, DMD, MS, San Francisco, CA

Livionex dental gel has shown to be an effective dentrifice for both me and my patients. In my own mouth, brushing with Livionex leaves a smooth clean feeling all day long. After a few days use, I also noticed my mouth felt fresh without the heavy flavoring used in some mouthwashes or other pastes.”

I have witnessed a reduction in gingival inflammation in patients in as little as 3-4 days of use. Bleeding has decreased or disappeared in patients using Livionex in less than a week.”

Perhaps most importantly, patient compliance with Livionex is high. Patients with sensitive tissue or dry mouth symptoms especially like Livionex because it does not burn or irritate. Offering a non toxic, effective and SLS free option to my patients and family is very important. Livionex fits all the criteria -- and it works! 

Lory Laughter, RDH, BS, Napa, CA

After a client has been using the Livionex for 6-12 weeks, I find they have a lot less calculus. What is there flicks off like Teflon. If there is still a lot of Interproximal calculus, it is mushy and much easier to remove. At this point I suggest that they place some Livionex on a GoBetween and cleanse interproximally. It is exciting learning how the Livionex and the client's oral hygiene interact, evaluating the results, and educating then to improve. This really is the first new thing in toothpaste in 100 years!! If you are burned out, try Livionex, and recharge your love for dental hygiene. Exciting product!! 

Nancy Gillespie, RDH, Kansas City, MO

I started using Livionex last August after purchasing a tube for myself. The results have been amazing and I have not gone back. I have given a full tube to several patients who I knew would try it. All have come back wanting more and with great reduction of plaque and inflammation. There is a long lasting clean feel throughout the day no matter what you eat. Less abrasiveness for those with sensitivity and burning mouth syndrome. 

Janell Quarderer, RDH, Mechanicsville, MD

I waited until I had the perfect patient to give my one and only sample of Livionex to. She was very compliant with chronic inflammation around both anterior and posterior crowns. She had implemented every homecare strategy that her previous hygienists had recommended, including a Waterpik, Peridex, three month recare appointments, and diligent homecare. I mentioned the sample of Livionex and asked her if she would be willing to be my test subject. She was desperate to find relief at this point, so she eagerly accepted. 

Well, she loved the Livionex so much, that she ordered more before she even came back for our follow-up visit! 

I will be recommending Livionex to all of my lichen planus patients, homecare-challenged patients, periodontal patients, hyperplasia patients....

Oh heck, I'll be recommending it to anyone with anything other than healthy gingiva!

Dee Vecchione, RDH, Canton, OH

I have been recommending Livionex to many of my patients over the last six months. Two patients have really made me believe in this wonderful new product. First patient is a early-60's female who suffers from burning mouth syndrome. Upon recommending Livionex to her, she immediately purchased several tubes because she was so desperate to find relief from the constant discomfort. Within a few days, she noticed a huge improvement and was so happy she wrote a review on the Livionex website.

The next patient is extremely anxious about her cleanings. She always has generalized bleeding and inflammation due to plaque accumulation. She won't brush near the tissues because she says it's too uncomfortable. After trying to educate her about the inflammation process at all of her cleanings, I recommended Livionex toothpaste. She quickly purchased it and has had amazing results! She still gets anxious for her cleanings but she has much less inflammation and bleeding because there is barely any plaque. And, yes, she is starting to relax while I am cleaning her teeth!

Andie Ruppert, RDH, Novi, MI

My favorite Livionex-perience is when I took it home for my family to use. I introduced it to my children, at the time ages 5,11,16 and 21, I told them that this is the "Next Generation" tooth paste and that it works differently than all other tooth pastes. I told them that they only needed a small amount and not to waste it. My 16 year old son was leaving that evening for a two night Boyscout camping trip. He was still in braces. I had him use it before he left that evening. He was underwhelmed as are most people after the first brushing. However, when he returned Sunday afternoon, guess what was the first thing he said to me. Not "I'm hungry, whats for dinner?" or "Who's been in my room?" but "Where is that Next Generation Tooth paste?" He could actually tell that his teeth stayed cleaner longer than usual and was wanting to get that feeling back. His Orthodontist could tell his gums looked better for the last 9 months of braces as well. That puffy red look gave way to healthy pink gums!

Leah Urias, RDH, Kansas City, MO

Livionex Dental Gel is the first non-prescription product that directly assists in inhibiting plaque and preventing dental disease. My patients gum inflammation has decreased, in some cases dramatically, with its use. In addition many patients can feel the difference in their mouths which increases their motivation and further helps improve their dental health.

Stuart Goldberg, DDS, Saratoga, CA

The dentists and hygienists in our office have been dispensing Livionex to our patients for about a year. We recommend Livionex to patients in all stages of gingival disease. In one case, I recommended Livionex to a long time patient of ours. I see this patient regularly every three months because of heavy plaque build up. Two weeks later his wife came in to buy four tubes. She stated that her husband's breath was so much better. Sure enough, at his three month cleaning I noted greatly reduced plaque. Livionex has been very well received by our patients, primarily because they sense the confidence we have about the product and because they see the results usually within a couple of weeks. 

Rey Carrasco, RDH, Milpitas, CA

I've been a practicing RDH for over 36 years. Upon hearing about Livionex Dental Gel from a fellow clinician I was skeptical. I have now used the product for two months and have no biofilms forming in my mouth. Additionally; I am an Invisalign wearer and before using Livionex I had moderate accumulations of biofilm and calculus that I had to remove every 2-3 days in our practice's ultrasonic bath with a stain and calculus remover product. Now absolutely nothing is accumulating on my two Invisalign trays and this can only be attributed to the my usage of Livionex. Not only is there no biofilm and calculus forming, but there is no longer an odor that also was associated with the trays becoming lined with biofilms and calculus. This amazing cleanliness is attributed to the usage of Livionex. I have and now insist family and patients order this superior product so they too will benefit from it's ability to reduce and eliminate biofilms and malodor. 

Madalyn Rosenbluth, RDH, BS, Yonkers, NY

I have found Livionex to be a wonderful product. I have my worst patients using it. Not only have I seen a HUGE reduction in plaque but a virtual absence of inflammation and subsequent reduction in decay. The patients say that they love it and would not go back to "regular" toothpaste. They order it right from the company so I don't have to stock it in my operation - which has a lack of space to begin with. Virtually ANYONE can use it; chemo, radiation, dry mouth, etc. I took it upon myself after researching this to try it first on myself and then to several 3 month maintenance patients. Seeing is believing. The only downside I hear is cost but I remind the patients and give the "an ounce of prevention speech" and sometimes a cost analysis on what they have paid for fillings/crowns/SRP so far and I usually get no complaint afterwards. 

Angela Bibeau, RDH, Harrisonburg, VA