Dental plaque is a bacterial biofilm. Bacteria and biofilms are negatively charged, as are teeth. So, theoretically, bacteria should never stick to the teeth. However, positively charged calcium ions in the saliva mask the negative charges, allowing the bacteria to come close to the tooth surface. Then, stronger attractive surface forces that work at very small distances (Van der Waals forces) take over, allowing the bacteria to attach and multiply on the tooth surface. They also secrete a sticky gel to protect themselves. This accumulation of bacteria on teeth and the resultant sticky gel is called dental plaque. Researchers agree that dental plaque is the root cause for most oral diseases. Published research also shows a strong correlation between gum disease with diabetes, atherosclerosis, alzheimer’s and other systemic diseases as shown below.

The Livionex Solution

 Livionex Inc. has developed proprietary technology, a major breakthrough in dental care, to disrupt plaque formation which will help maintain a super clean mouth. Livionex Dental Gel’s revolutionary proprietary technology breaks down the harmful biofilm and prevents new biofilm from attaching to teeth. Brushing with Livionex Dental Gel will leave your teeth feeling just as squeaky clean as after a professional cleaning.

Livionex Benefits

Double blind studies at a major US University have shown that dentist-recommended Livionex Dental Gel cleans teeth more than 2.5x better than a leading toothpaste. It contains a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy teeth and gums, and unlike regular toothpaste, it has:
  1. No Abrasives, Detergents, or Antimicrobials
  2. No Artificial Colors (only applicable for LIVFREE Dental Gel)
  3. Sugar-Free & Gluten-Free
  4. Triclosan-Free, Glycerin-Free, & SLS-Free
  5. Safe For All Ages
  6. All Edible Ingredients
  7. That is why it is safe for all ages including children, pregnant women and people with special needs who may be unable to spit or rinse after brushing.
You only need to use a pea size amount of the dental gel for brushing. That means, that assuming you brush twice a day, each tube should last about 4 weeks.