How do you know that Livionex Dental Gel is working for you?

Now that you have your brand new Livionex Dental Gel tube with you, and have been meticulously using it daily, how do you know whether it is working for you? Let’s start off by saying that you will not see results from Livionex overnight. In fact, it may take 2 or 3 weeks to notice an oral health improvement. We encourage new customers to be a patient!

Since everyone's teeth and oral health are different, customers will have different experiences with the dental gel and notice different signs of effectiveness. In general, after brushing with Livionex Dental Gel twice a day for several weeks:

  • You may feel less crud (i.e plaque) on your teeth in the morning when you run your tongue over your teeth. This indicates that Livionex is breaking down the plaque overnight.
  • You may experience a significant reduction in morning breath
  • If you suffer from bleeding gums, you should expect a reduction.
  • Your teeth may feel squeaky clean, similar to the feeling after a professional cleaning
  • Longer term, if you have gum pockets, your dentist may notice reductions in pocket depths. However, because the first step is reduction of swollen gums, your gum pocket may initially become larger, and then become smaller.

Our favorite sign of Livionex Dental Gel’s effectiveness is the positive feedback that dental professionals give our customers. Here are actual quotes from our customers:

“I've been using Livionex for a couple of years. My dental hygienist wanted to know what toothpaste I was using because I had so little plaque!”

“The last time that my children were at the dentist, the dentist told my son, "You need to start using the dental gel that your sister is using. It will make a huge difference in your checkups."

So the next time you brush with Livionex Dental Gel, be assured that Livionex is working its magic on your teeth!