Why brush with Livionex Dental Gel?

Why brush with Livionex Dental Gel?

It is that time of the year again. The days inch closer to your scheduled dentist appointment, and you resort to feverishly brushing your teeth right before the dreaded visit. You hope for an approving nod from your dentist, and pray that you get... Read More

How do you know that Livionex Dental Gel is working for you?

Now that you have your brand new Livionex Dental Gel tube with you, and have been meticulously using it daily, how do you know whether it is working for you? Let’s start off by saying that you will not see results from Livionex overnight. In fact, i... Read More

Why Livionex Dental Gel does not contain Triclosan?

At Livionex Dental, we are proud that our dental gel contains the safest, most effective ingredients designed to clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy. We also take pride in what our dental gel lacks-- in contrast to many toothpastes, our prod... Read More